Saturday, 2 October 2010


SONIC NAUSEA v.1 by Hereticheretic

01][[]Emseepee- Growing////Outake Sonic Youth Sister Interview)
02][][Night has Come- Black Vatican
03/[][]Oobloo-Wasted Widow
04[][]0range Ohms Glow-Atlas Sound
05/][[]Bros- Panda Bear
06[][][Tokyo Santa- Nood Ham
07[]][][Before the Moon Falls- The Fall
08[][]Omen- Ariel Pink Haunted Graffiti
09[]][Coast to Coast-Dirty Beaches
10[][]Electric Noisefield- Sonic Youth
11[]][[]A Painting- Growing
12[][]Forever Young Ever One- Wet Hair
13[][][]China Steps- Women
14[]][Gurtel Zwei- Fennesz, O'Rouke & Rehberg
15][[][]Foreign Time Out- Vitamin Wig C

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