Thursday, 11 September 2014


IO Echo / Addicted (Album Version)
Illustration Sonore / Flying Lights
Lebanon Hanover / Gallowdance
Trust / F.T.F.
Cosmetics / Sleepwalking
Tropic Of Cancer / Court of Devotion
The Cure / A Strange Day
The KVB / Always Then
Oppenheimer Analysis / Cold War
SATO SATO / Matisse
Beacon / Drive
Belong / A Walk
Nine Circles / Hospitals
Solvent / Operating Ease
The Soft Moon / When It's Over
Illustration Sonore / Divinatorium

Friday, 25 July 2014

Holo Crystal Caverns

Holo Crystal Caverns by Thepitchblack on Mixcloud

Wild Nothing - Paradise
W-H-I-T-E - I Wasn't Afraid
Deptford Goth - Union
Mike Cannon - Voices in the Dark
Boytronic - Living Without You
FWY! - Orange Circle
Oni Ayhun - OAR003-B
Beacon - Feeling's Gone
Isan - Gunnera
Diamond Vampires - The Mineral Room
Pantha du Prince - Saturn Strobe
Desire - Under Your Spell
Wild Nothing - Chinatown

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Night drive by Thepitchblack on Mixcloud

Trust - Are We Arc?
SQÜRL - Spooky Action at a Distance
Scorpion Violente - Rome Violente
//Zoo - Softcore
Heroin and Your Veins - Polio
Kevin Ward and Les Tuques du Mal - In a Dark Wood
John Lurie - End Titles
Dan Sartain - Love is Black
Ill Winds - Knut
Moon Duo - Stumbling Down 22nd St
Anna Calvi - Joan of Arc

Monday, 7 April 2014

A Mind Forever Voyaging

Susan Justin — Theme from "Forbidden World"
El-P — Stay Down (instrumental)
Neongrau — Fucking Talkshows
THEESatisfaction — Enchantruss (Old Money remix)
Fuck Buttons — Sweet Love for Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall remix)
Com Truise — Subsonic
Ras G and the Afrikan Space Program — Been Cosmic
Gonjasufi — Stardustin'
DJ Spooky — Galactic Funk (Tau Ceti remix)
Flying Lotus — Hide Me (feat Shabazz Palaces)
Laurel Halo — Light and Space
ISAN — One Man Abandon
Harmonia — Gollum
Desto — Makowrap (VIP mix)
Ramellzee feat Shockdell — Pay the Rent (a cappella)
Spaceghostpurrp — Mysterious Phonk
Pan Sonic — Urania
Edan — Promised Land
Julius Krebs — SE
David Bowie — Space Oddity ('69 a cappella)
Devo — Theme from "Neuromancer"
Sun Ra — Space is the Place (exceprt)
Outkast — ET (Extraterrestrial)
Skywlkr — Die Like a Rockstar
Automat — THF
Digitalism — Jupiter Approach
Violent Blade Runners — Paper Unicorn (No More Guilt)
The Flaming Lips — Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon
Vangelis — Heaven & Hell, Pt 1

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Boytronic - You
Data - Over 21
Scratch Massive - Take Me There Feat Jimmy Sommerville (Live Version)
Vulgar Fashion - Golden Showers
Death in the Afternoon - Oh Youth!
Austra - Lose It
Trust - Gloryhole
Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened (Joakim Edit)
Lauer - 70000ac
Grauzone - Eisbär
Wonders Of Science - Lets Start A Rumour
Boytronic - (I Want To Live) In Harmony