Friday, 2 December 2011

The End Of An Age

The End Of An Age by Tom Hawking

Oneohtrix Point Never — "Andro"
Raime — "We Must Hunt Under the Wreckage of Many Systems"
Pig & Machine — "Fuck USA"
Sulako — "Lilac"
Holy Balm — "Hand Over Fire"
Throbbing Gristle — "Hot on the Heels of Love"
Grimes — "Oblivion"
Martial Canterel — "Two Before Four"
Astral Social Club — "Part 7"
Neu! — "Sonderangebot" (excerpt)
Total Control — "Meds 2"
Virgin Prunes — "Red Nettle"
John Cale — "Thoughtless Kind"
Qluster — "Josef Z."
Leonard Cohen — "Villanelle for Our Time"

Uneasy music for uneasy times

Photo from Matt Logue's "Empty LA" series ( )

Friday, 25 November 2011


Philp Jeck - Live

Antoni Maiovvi - Olympic Torch

Chrome - Unknown

Bruno Spoerri - Lilith Singing In The Dark

Gescom - Cake

st / Nico - Frozen Borderline

Prince Rama - Lightning Fossil

The Creation - Painter Man

Julia Holter - Roxy Music

Death Grips - Beware (excerpt)

John Maus - Hey Moon

Peaking Lights - Summertime

Vashti Bunyan - Winter Is Blue

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Bloody Foreigner mixtape for TOXIC RADIO ISLAND. by the1234

Unknown / R. Stevie Moore
Deep Cover / Sun Araw
My Life's Alright Without You / No age
Saint Peter Writes His Book / Sic Alps
Nothing Cool Happens On Dates / Lust-Cats of the Gutters
Ranger / Sic Alps
Milky Way Spiral Gets a New Arm / Tame Impala
Lucy down bo peep / Jerry Tropicano
Break4love / Hype Williams
La Gioconda / Enrico Caruso
Out of Chavalon / Gavin Bennett
Parlous Siege And Chapel / Indian Jewelry
Too Many Girlz / R. Stevie Moore
All things come to pass / The Babies
Water / S.C.U.M
Glass / Advert
Mellotron / Toy
Unending Blues Ivana / Blood Music
Over There / Brilliant Colours
Janice Master / La La Vazquez
Some Mercy / Yola Fatoush
It was a pleasure then / Nico
United / Throbbing Gristle
SIrens / SIrens

Thursday, 29 September 2011



Pica Pica / Sun Colour
Kaset Hanzal / Omar Souleyman
Back to Wingtown / Plastics
Phantasy Re-up / Hounds of Hate
Camel / Flying Lotus
Ancient Hill/Eola
Soft Span /Sundrips
Me Sing/Factums
Japan Japan/Felix Kubin
Boums To Zanzibar/Men's Recovery Project
Untitled/Conrad Schnitzler /Blue Flowers/Dr Octogan)
I.E.S.V/The Rebel
Hot Time Sartre In The City/Extra Happy Ghost!!!
Isolation/Joy Division
View Too Much/Factory Floor
Crayola Cat /Mickey Brown
Was Onaip/Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan
Softly Kidding/Tonstartssbandht

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

universal migration

Kennelmus - 1001 Twice
HTRK - Eat Yr Heart
Maria Minerva - Soo High
Cave - W U J
Melvins - Queen
Robedoor - Universal Migration
Fabulous Diamonds - Untitled 4
Mahmoud Ahmed - Hoy Na-Na Jegnaw Na
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Little Blue House
Stereolab - The Noise Of Carpet
Weird War - AK-47
The Jesus & Mary Chain - Taste the Floor
Tim Hecker - Hatred Of Music II
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Cabin Fever
Sonic Youth - Sweet Shine

Friday, 16 September 2011


We will be spinning some records at this party tonight. Fashion lizard, leather jackets, loose booty.

134 Kingsland Rd | from 8pm

Saturday, 10 September 2011


swamp radio

(intro: swamp radio)

In Louisville at 7 -- Max Richter
(–) -- Swans
Secret Garden (instrumental) -- Pyranja
Beach Town -- Le Loup
Dead of Night -- The N.E.C.
Candyflesh -- Sir Francis Dashwood and the Hellfire Club
Skull Eyes -- True Widow
Trouble -- Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions
Every Second Darker -- No Demons Here
In Spite of Me -- Morphine
Out Of Time Man -- Mick Harvey
Cough Cool - Misfits
Color Me Once -- Violent Femmes
Noir Carnival Waltz
Lobby -- The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

Thursday, 8 September 2011


wefoundthesystemtofightthesystem by schtikytape

The Flower - Sun City Girls

The Jewels Of The Madonna - The Red Krayola

Ninna Nanna - Per Adulteri

The System - Aphrodite's Child

People Of The Drifting Houses - Master Musicians Of Bukakke

Wax And Wane - Cocteau Twins

5FT7 - Tonstartssbandht

Every Little Thing - The Beatles

Variations Sur Un Theme De Monteverdi (I) - Art Ensemble Of Chicago

Forgive Burial

First World Of Bronze - Cromagnon

Prismatic Room - Crystal Stilts

Shortwave-India - Angus MacLise

Draft Morning - The Byrds

Time To Die - John Maus

Let's Rock the Beach - Ducktails

Tyler, The Creator - Fucking Awesome

Mumbai - oOoOO

Tu Non Mi Perderai Mai - Jóhann Jóhannsson

Third Planet - Sun Ra



Sitgol #1 - Haba Haba Group

Thursday, 25 August 2011

100% TODAY

We are playing some records at this tonight y'all, come down and watch your ears melt.
Bloodstep, gangs, hair conditioning, bring your mop. 6000 DJ's and 1 MC..(Glen), lasers.

Monday, 15 August 2011


The woods are shining by Hereticheretic

Field of Dreams >>> Beaches
Il Candidato >>> Tich, Andrea
Dancing >>> Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark
RIP Ferrah faucet jr>>> Vitamin Wig C
I Cannot Stand When You Sit On My Legs (part) >>> R Stevie Moore
Soleil Froid >>> Joël Fajerman
Goodnight >>> Stars of the Lid
Pork (v1) >>> Lonesome
Chimica Industriale >>> Oronzo De Filippi
FrenchCountryside >>> Psychedelic horseshit
Riot >>> Miles Davis
Tell It Like It Is >>> The Marriotts
The Pleasures Of Love >>> Anonymous
Gangsta Bitch >>> Apache
The Web >>> Abie "Available" Baker
Neutronen tod >>> Walt Rockman
Umi (Sea) >>> Afrirampo
Hasu No Enishi >>> Dip In The Pool
The Slide >>> Tall Dwarfs

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Jonas Reinhardt - Smokey Jotus
Wild Beasts - Bed of Nails
Planningtorock – Doorway
The Advisory Circle - Now Ends The Beginning
John Maus - Head For The Country
Moon Duo - When You Cut
Benny Soebardja And Lizard – Candle Light
The Horrors – Dive In
Bill Callahan – Drover
Ruth - Polaroid/Roman/Photo
Kennélmus – I Don’t Know
Factory Floor - (R E A L L O V E) (An Optimo Espacio Remix)
Erkin Koray - Karli Dağlar
Simon Bookish – Dumb Terminal
Alan Vega - Bye Bye Bayou
Ofege - It’s Not Easy

Thursday, 4 August 2011



On Stranger Shores by thepitchblackagain

more sinister beach disco

'My Radio (Solvent/Legowelt Remake)' – Legowelt
'The Last Song' – Trisomie 21
'PCP' – Jeff & Jane Hudson
'State Protection' – The Rorschach Garden
'Excessive Moonlight' – Indian Jewelry
'The Set Up' – Cabaret Voltaire
'Foil' – Autechre
'Silent Shout' – The Knife
'Danse Move' – The Danse Society
'Edie Sedgwick' – James Ray and the Performance
'Serpent' – Gatekeeper
'Hungry Wives' – Diamond Vampires

Monday, 18 July 2011



It's Bleak by thepitchblack

lots of old somber classics. nice 'n' gloomy, stay away if feeling fragile.

'The Drowning Man' – The Cure
'The Hair Shirt' – The Birthday Party
'Valentine' – The Sisters of Mercy
'Wüste' – Einstürzende Neubauten
'Stranger Than Kindness' – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
'The Figurehead' – The Cure
'Funeral March' (extract) – Frédéric Chopin
'God Damn The Sun' – Swans
'She's In Parties' – Bauhaus
'Moya' – Southern Death Cult
'Suffocation' – White Ring
'Destroying the City of Hearts' – Black Heart Procession

Friday, 15 July 2011



Bleached Bones Beach Disco by thepitchblack

'Viol et Revanche' – Scorpion Violente
'Just Because' – Matin Dupont
'Moon Jam' – White Hinterland
'Video Boys' – Circuit 7
'Spot' – Chromagain
'Sunglasses After Dark' (bootleg version) – The Cramps
'Playmate of the Century' – Miss Kittin
'Dallas' – Guyer's Connection
'Three-Way' – The Magnetic Fields
'The Screen' – Inertia
'Sleeping Annaleah' – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
'Seamonkey' – Moderat
'Hooch' – Melvins
'Ocean' – Dead Can Dance
'All You Need Is Love Was Not True' – Xinli Supreme

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Erkin Koray - Korkulu ruya
Kubike - The Authority of the Leader Impresses Me
Holy Other - Know Where
Ofege - Nobody Fails
Mi Ami - Hard Up
Throbbing Gristle - United
Snowman - A
Sonic Youth - Starfield Road (live Summersault festival Sydney NYE 95)
David Thomas Broughton - Nature
Fille Qui Mousse - Cantate Disparate
Sightings - Tar & Pine
Vyto B - Secret
R. Stevie Moore - Play Myself Some Music
John Maus - Don't Worship the Devil (edit)

Thursday, 9 June 2011




Aeolian Harp ≤≥…¬˚∆˙Akio Suzuki
Andy Summers ≤≥…¬˚∆˙ Tonstartssbandht
Never In Love ≤≥…¬˚∆˙ Paul A Rosales
86 mazda ≤≥…¬˚∆˙ Tony B
Draco-Shop Bop ≤≥…¬˚∆˙ Lamborghini Crystal
Coffee Cups That Won't Break Down ≤≥…¬˚∆˙Foxes in Fiction
Exotique ≤≥…¬˚∆ Roland Bocquet
This Aching Deal ≤≥…¬˚∆ The Shocking Pinks
Play for Today ≤≥…¬˚∆ The Cure
Lima Yankee Seven Alpha ≥…¬˚∆ Arcseconds
Fantasy Hair ≥…¬˚∆ Lee Noble
Tropical Vision ≥…¬˚∆ Psychedelic horseshit
end of story (idle wanderings) ≥…¬˚∆ Hobo Cubes
Echo Lady ≥…¬˚∆ Wet Hair
Le Daylight ≥…¬˚∆ Tickley Feather
Phaseday ≥…¬˚∆ Whitehouse
sentinelle ≥…¬˚∆ Xeno & Oaklander
Cross Selling ≥…¬˚∆ Oval
Wizard of Is ≥…¬˚∆ Black Forest / Black Sea

Sunday, 17 April 2011


Vladislav Delay - 'Melankolia' (edit)
Bhimsen Joshi - 'Raga Malkauns'
Pan Sonic - 'Telakoe'
Vyto B - 'Happy'
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - 'She's My Girl'
Bubonic Plague - 'Debbiegetthefuckoutofmyhouse'
Howard Shore - 'Scanning the Computer'
Factory Floor - 'A Wooden Box'
Hype Williams - 'Track 2'
Artist Unknown - '3'
The Rebel - 'On My Own'
John Maus - 'Less Talk More Action'
Panda Bear13 - 'Drone'
Schtikytape - 'RahHsoNG'
Akio Suzuki - 'Aeolian Harp'
Takemura Nobukazu - 'Ice Fall'
Lamb Jacuzzi - 'Untitled 9'
The Cure - 'In Your House'

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Nothing from Nothing by Hereticheretic

It's My Fault Keep | Dan Deacon
Your Dreams | Suicide
1 Audio Track | Estasy
8 Audio Track | Estasy
Many Times (Revised) | Cowboys International
Sensible Music | Savant
Dearest Friends | Von Südenfed
Thank You God for Making Me an An Angel | Country Teasers
Rock-N-Roll Victim | Death
John And Yoko | Tonetta777
I've Gotta Get a Message to You | Morning-Noon & Night
Camarillo Brillo | Frank Zappa

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Ryuichi Sakamoto - Plastic Bamboo
Future Bible Heroes - Lonely Days
The Soundcarriers - Last Broadcast
The Cure - Forever (Peel Session 1981)
LA Vampires & Zola Jesus - In the Desert
Hype Williams - Blue Dream
Cindytalk - It's Luxury
Gorilla Aktiv - Grüss Gott und auf Wiedersehen
El Rego Et Ses Commandos - Se Na Min
The Limiñanas - Down Underground
White Lies - Bigger Than Us (Factory Floor Remix)
Emeralds - Does it Look Like I'm Here?
Salem - Release Da Boar
Sonic Youth - Untitled
Ween - She's Your Baby