Monday, 15 August 2011


The woods are shining by Hereticheretic

Field of Dreams >>> Beaches
Il Candidato >>> Tich, Andrea
Dancing >>> Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark
RIP Ferrah faucet jr>>> Vitamin Wig C
I Cannot Stand When You Sit On My Legs (part) >>> R Stevie Moore
Soleil Froid >>> Joël Fajerman
Goodnight >>> Stars of the Lid
Pork (v1) >>> Lonesome
Chimica Industriale >>> Oronzo De Filippi
FrenchCountryside >>> Psychedelic horseshit
Riot >>> Miles Davis
Tell It Like It Is >>> The Marriotts
The Pleasures Of Love >>> Anonymous
Gangsta Bitch >>> Apache
The Web >>> Abie "Available" Baker
Neutronen tod >>> Walt Rockman
Umi (Sea) >>> Afrirampo
Hasu No Enishi >>> Dip In The Pool
The Slide >>> Tall Dwarfs

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